We provide support to small, medium and large companies who intend to develop an effective and transparent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Our team has experienced knowledge of both the private sector and sustainability issues.
The starting point of our approach is to carefully listen to the goals pursued by the company and to analyze its unique characteristics (its business model, structure, and relationships with stakeholders…).
The objective is to identify – together with our clients – CSR activities aligned with the company’s business.
As a result, the company can: improve its performance thanks to increased employee engagement (thus, fostering higher productivity); enhance its reputation; forge stronger bonds with customers and suppliers; stimulate innovation through creativity and changes of perspective; improve the communication and transparency in the CSR management.

We believe that only through these steps it is possible to create real value for the company, gaining a competitive advantage as well as making a positive impact in the communities where it operates.

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Grounds, People and Property of Esalen Institute

Through an innovative and interactive approach, we offer companies workshops, trainings sessions and initiatives aiming to enhance the “out of the box thinking”, inspire employees and raise awareness of social issues.

Our trainers are social entrepreneurs who will share their successful projects, knowledge and passion on the following topics:

  1. Technology with impact: presentation of real cases. How technology can make a social impact and solve many issues affecting our planet nowadays.
  2. Circular economy: circular design workshops for profitable business. Inspiring talks and workshops to inspire, provoke, inform and train companies.
  3. Ethic, Risk & Reputation: groups participate in a ‘safe’ learning environment where they compete in teams to run a virtual company. Players play the game and make important ethical decisions with the objective to grow both their financial index and their ethics and compliance index.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: companies take responsibilities of their impact on society. This workshop presents a step by step path toward profitable and responsible business.
  5. Sustainability & Fashion
  6. Environment: trainings on the importance of the value of biodiversity for business as well as for communities.
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Happy employees are productive employees.

We offer companies the possibility to engage employees in corporate volunteering and team building events. We collaborate with organizations that take care of people at risk of exclusion. During our social team building events, employees and disadvantaged people co-create, learn more about each other and share a unique life-changing experience.

We also offer innovative social inclusion initiatives. Each of our proposals represents a way to employ disadvantaged people (and to be compliant to the LISMI law – Spain) and to engage employees and customers.

  1. Social catering: high quality catering services during corporate events. Each catering represents an opportunity to employee people at risk of exclusion and to comply with the LISMI law. We believe an inclusive business is a good business. We collaborate with Amas Antojo and Ared Foundation.
  2. Organic Fruit Market: an organic and social vegetable market directly in the office. The employees can comfortably purchase healthy organic products while supporting a good cause. We collaborate with Rais Foundation.
  3. Reforestation program: companies can compensate their CO2 emissions through a “green volunteering day”. Employees can volunteer and spend a weekend day outside, planting trees and enjoying the time and this great experience with their families and with disadvantaged people. We collaborate with the non-profit organization Afanias.
  4. Biodiversity: we offer several initiatives for the employees and their families aiming to show the importance of the value of biodiversity. We organize habitat restoration activities, birds-turtles watching and other interesting initiatives.

While creating value for society, companies can create a meaningful working environment, improve talent retention and increase customer satisfaction.

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First Phase Digital


We offer the companies with whom we work a technological platform that enables efficient and transparent management of all the social activities: trainings, volunteering opportunities, micro-donations and time-donation.

This tool may be highly customized according to each specific requirement and it allows companies to:

  1. Manage the relationships with the non-profit organizations
  2. Propose trusted initiatives to the employees
  3. Organize and launch fundraising, micro-donation and crowd-funding campaigns
  4. Display and give visibilities to charity projects
  5. Provide visibility to foundations supported by the company
  6. Display through a calendar the offer of training courses and other social initiatives

The platform also allows the company to MONITOR and MEASURE its impact: volunteer hours, money raised, number of organizations involved.

..because what cannot be measured cannot be valued!

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