Taking into account social and environmental issues reduces management risks and provides a competitive advantage, making the business sustainable and more profitable in the mid and long term.

The companies are profit-focused, yet, they operate in a complex environment in which they impact and are impacted by all the stakeholders.

The current economic framework and the rising awareness of various groups have accentuated the importance of taking care of these interactions.


We believe there is a unique opportunity for companies to make a difference and create new value based on innovative social business models that break from the past and focus not only on profit but on people.

We help companies to:
– achieve sustainability and to be innovative
– make a social impact
– increase employee retention, engagement and motivation
– improve reputation
– be aligned with stakeholders expectations


Partnering with NGOs is one way to add value through activities aligned with your business.

Companies might lack internal knowledge, resources and time, and the selection of activities and trusted partners can be difficult.

In order to support these prospective partnerships, Bridge For Good offers the right methodology, choice of partners, competences and a wide range of services to help companies be more sustainable and make a positive social impact.


% boost in performance related business outcomes when companies successfully engage their employees (Gallup, 2013)
% of the future workforce is willing to work for organizations that care about their impact on society (The 2020 Workplace, 2012)
% of top executives believe that macro environment and CSR risks pose the greatest threat to the company (Deloitte, 2014)
%. Companies with high reputations are worth as much as 150% more than those with low reputations (Reputation Institute, 2014)

"The economy in which the donors operate and the economy in which the poorest people live are so far that they barely interconnect.
Bridges are needed to cross the gap."

Maggie Black

Our services



We provide support to small, medium and large companies who intend to develop an effective and transparent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.
Our objective is to identify – together with our clients – CSR activities aligned with the company’s business and to execute them providing accountability and transparency.


Grounds, People and Property of Esalen Institute

Through an innovative and interactive approach, we offer companies workshops and trainings sessions aiming to enhance the “out of the box thinking”, inspire employees and raise awareness of social issues.
Some of our proposals: apps with impact, business ethic and reputation through gamification; circular economy; sustainable fashion; biodiversity.


First Phase Digital

Happy employees are productive employees.

We offer companies the possibility to engage employees in corporate volunteering and team building events and in several social inclusion activities in collaboration with NGOs.


Grounds, People and Property of Esalen Institute

We offer a technological platform that enables efficient and transparent management of all the social activities.
Our platform allows organizations to measure the impact of their CSR strategy and to easily manage corporate trainings, volunteering initiatives, micro-donations and time-donation, while engaging and motivating the employees.

"We believe that business can be a tool for social good."

Pierre Omidyar - eBay founder and philantropist

"One of the main lessons I have learned during my five years as Secretary-General is that broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges. When governments, the United Nations, businesses, philanthropies and civil society work hand-in-hand, we can achieve great things."

Ban Ki-moon

Our Team


ITWIIN 2014 – Capacity Building Award

ITWIIN 2014 – Capacity Building Award

ITWIIN Winner 2014. Capacity Building Award (Italian Women Innovators and Inventors Network)

Youth Business Spain mentorship programme

Youth Business Spain mentorship programme

Bridge For Good takes part in the mentorship programme organized by Youth Business Spain Network in collaboration with Tomillo Foundation and Youth Business International.

RunnerUp position at Ongawa contest

RunnerUp position at Ongawa contest

Bridge For Good got the RUNNER-UP position during the contest organized by the Spanish NGO Ongawa. A jury evaluated our project during the INSEAD social entrepreneurship conference, held in Madrid last March 2013.

Best entrepreneurship project LaCaixa-EOI

Best entrepreneurship project LaCaixa-EOI

Bridge For Good received an Award as BEST ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROJECT during the Master Ceremony EOI 2012-2013 held in Madrid on the 18th of July. LaCaixa will support Bridge For Good in the first phase of the social start-up launch.

SocialNest Incubator Program 2014

SocialNest Incubator Program 2014

Socialnest selected Bridge For Good for the Incubator Program 2014 as an idea that would change the world.

Finalist at the GAMECHANGERS (UnltdSpain)

Finalist at the GAMECHANGERS (UnltdSpain)

Bridge For Good was selected by Unltd Spain out of 450 applications and took part in the training sessions and workshops together with the other 28 finalists.


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  • You can find us at the Madrid International Lab, C/Bailén 41, 28005, Madrid (Spain)
  • General info: +34 684 007 497
  • Email: info@bridgeforgood.org

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